Being Your Own Boss

Being your own boss can be very rewarding, but there are also struggles with being in charge. When you’re an employee – there are procedures in place for you to abide by, you know what practices and behaviors are right and which are wrong. Today, we want to share with you some strategies to help navigate the world of being your own boss – with confidence and awareness.

Develop Your Mind

As the boss, you must think and act differently. This requires a paradigm shift. Take some time and identify how you want to lead, how you’ll communicate, what your
passions are, and what your strengths and weaknesses as a leader are. Spend time each day reading. Practice autosuggestion and visualization, and listen to your mentors and peers through audiobooks and podcasts.

Prepare for the Worst

When starting your business, you’ll be plagued by the thought – what if things don’t go to plan. This isn’t where you should be focusing your energy. In order to stop your thoughts from going down that path – get ahead of it and ask yourself, what IS the worst that can happen if things don’t go as planned? Realistically, what does that look like? Would you need to move back in with your parents, or a friend? Is that REALLY so terrible, when the alternative means a life of success and abundance? There are no guarantees in life, and that can be a freeing thought. The worst could happen, but it doesn’t have to break you. If it comes, use it as a lesson to make you stronger and more resilient, ready to try again. Once you’ve completed this exercise, set it aside, and put your energy back to where it belongs – on your goals.

Establish a Morning Routine

Successful people understand that significant achievements come as a result of small successes. Consider adding some or all of the following practices to your daily routine: making gratitude lists, meditation/visualization, reading affirmations, using autosuggestion, and reading.

Your Inner Circle

In order to be successful, you need to consider whom you surround yourself with. Much like an elevator, your circle can either bring you down or help raise you higher. Consider that you’re the average of the five people you associate with the most – so make sure those five people are the types of people who are successful and who have what you want.

Do Your Best

Develop a mindset that is focused on pursuing excellence in everything that you do. No matter the task or how you feel about it – do your best.
If someone asked you, today – did you do your best? Make sure you can say YES.

Master the Mind – Master your Reality