“I am so grateful to Gillis for introducing me to the Apex program and for her guidance and teaching of it. I am learning just how much of my life I have lived on “auto-pilot thinking” and letting the world around me as well as my circumstances do my thinking for me. The Apex program has opened up a whole new world to me at the age of 72. I am learning that I am in charge of my thinking and I can choose whether to have a good day or a bad day. Obviously, I choose each morning to have a great day filled with joy, energy, and action.
Apex has improved and continues to improve my skills as a listener and a communicator resulting in better and closer relationships, business growth, and accomplishing more tasks in less time.
Goal setting and then developing a plan to get there is an exciting part of the Apex program. It is opening up a whole new chapter in my, so-called “senior years”. There is so much more to experience and do and I am excited to continue this journey, thanks to the Apex program!”