“Since working with Gillis my belief in what is actually possible for me in this lifetime has completely changed….

I had so many barriers, blocks and false beliefs embedded in my subconscious mind that were hindering my progress, which I did not even know existed until I started taking her classes….The style in which she teaches and integrates her knowledge of the law of attraction, and the way the message gets transmitted by Gillis, is in my opinion very rare indeed and extremely hard to come by these days….This in turn makes me want to listen to her more and more each and every single time she speaks…As a teacher, one of the most important things to do is to keep a class engaged and it’s imperative to connect energetically with the ones you teach…. Gillis blends the many talents she possesses exquisitely and this is reflected in the excellence of her weekly presentations… Gillis also has something very unique that I have not yet seen in a personal development coach, mentor, or leader…. She has genuine want and desire to see the individuals and students that she works with be successful…. This is what attracted me to her style of guidance the first time we met, and it is what keeps me coming back to learn more and more from Gillis time and time and time again…. Understanding and Experience Is Key and the knowledge I have gained so from far outweighs the investment I have made with Gillis

One Million Fold….

I highly recommend you sign up for her classes right now!!!!”