Strengthening your mental faculties significantly improves your chances of creating the life you want, so we wanted to share with you 6 exercises to help you increase your awareness.

1. Imagination
When we create an idea in our minds and connect with the idea on an emotional level, we raise our frequency to that thought level, and in doing so, your idea becomes possible. Use your imagination purposely to CREATE that which you want most in your life.

Take a break from your day to let your mind wander. Imagine how you would like to see your life improve; imagine how it would feel to achieve your goals; imagine what your life would look like if your business was successful.

Soon this will become a habit, and before long your dreams will become reality.

2. Will
Your will allows you the ability to concentrate and focus on one thing, shutting out distractions.
When you are able to use your will, the way it was intended, you’re able to concentrate and can
complete more tasks in less time.

Let’s see how you’ve been using your will. Take a few moments to answer these questions, honestly.
– In what areas of your life are you using concentration to self-sabotage?
– Do you spend time focusing on what was (looking to the past), what you don’t want (attracting the negative), and where you’re going (instead of taking action)?
– If we told you your will was all you needed to change your life for the better, would you use your will to focus solely on the good in your life?

3. Intuition

Some people refer to this as their “gut”, others believe this is God’s way of speaking to them.
Whatever your belief, your intuition speaks your truth to you and helps you read the energy of those around you. As you connect more deeply with your “gut” or inner voice, you will become more connected to others, on a deeper level.

Let’s get in touch with your intuition. It can be difficult to connect with your inner voice when you’re busy. We ask that you take a few quiet moments to yourself. Ask yourself some questions – maybe you have a decision to make. You know the answer, it’s just hard to hear sometimes with all that you have going on around you. When an answer comes to you, write it down before the thought leaves you, and take action.

4. Memory

Your memory is like a muscle, and you can strengthen and develop your memory through exercise.

Use your senses. When you’re learning something new, involve multiple senses. This makes it easier to remember. When you meet someone new, look them in the eye, shake their hand, and repeat their name back to them. By doing this, you engage your sense of touch, sound, and sight.

5. Reason

Reason is a faculty we use to analyze, evaluate, think, and compare ideas. We use reason to choose what information we accept, what we reject, and what we use to create new ideas.

If nothing were holding you back, not fear, doubt, or money, ask yourself – what do you want in life? Don’t hold back. Now, take that list, and use reason to come up with a list of strategies you can use to achieve those goals.

6. Perception

Perception is your point of view, what you are aware of and how you choose to interpret it. We are bombarded with so much information that our mind will only process that which agrees with our beliefs and what our mind interprets as important to us.

Pick a room in your home, any room. Stand in one corner and take a picture of the room.
Now go to the opposite side of the room and take a picture from there.
When you compare the two images, side by side, you have two completely different images of the same thing. Do the same with the things in your life. Whether it’s our relationship, career, or your financial situation – look at it objectively from a different vantage point. Exploring new perceptions can exponentially expand your growth.

There is greatness within you and it is our dream to help you achieve that greatness!